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Here we like to introduce to you our most recent business unit, the construction of radiation shielding buildings. We are planning and constructing radiation shielding buildings and bunkers to the patented system of the „Forster–Sandwich-Construction system“.


Quick and

With the extensive use of precast components and fillers of at least earth-dry consistency, the building shell dries out much more quickly. This reduces the time between the commencement of construction and commissioning by several months and considerably reduces the costs of interim financing. Through the use of thin precast double concrete walls as permanent formwork for radiation shielded buildings, construction activities are possible all year round.


Cost efficiency

When the economic service life of a radiation shielded structure is reached, the to the most part very thin reinforced concrete components of the wall shells can be easily reduced in size with conventional demolition tools. The mineral fillers are recovered from the cavities with loading machines and stored pure graded.

Radiation Protection

Quality Assurance

We guarantee the absolute shielding to prevent radiation leakage to the outside.

To achieve this objective, we undertake the following measures:

  • Each of our radiation protection buildings is designed and built in accordance with the precise requirements of the radiation protection calculation made by Prof. Dr. Müller (Dipl.-Phys.), at the Institute of Medical Physics at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, to determine the specific exposure to radiation.
  • All filling materials are subject to own quality control procedures before calibration and accurate processing according to the specifications stated in the radiation protection calculation.

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